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200-Hour PYTT Alumni Feature

Natasha Tia
, (San Diego CA) is a professional dancer and dance instructor and has been practicing Yoga for 7 years. She graduated from the Prana Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training in April 2021 and helps people create a balanced sense of well-being through resilient practices & movement.

Why did you decide to take a Yoga Teacher Training?
Becoming a Yoga teacher is something that I have wanted to accomplish for several years. I wanted to understand the philosophy and history behind the athletic practice that we know in the US. The ‘shelter in place’ orders opened up space for me to be able to pursue this path towards understanding Yoga as a whole and myself better through breathwork and movement. As a dance instructor, I anchor my values in the mind-body-spirit approach; the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Prana has added so much value to my business.

What was your experience in the training?
My experience in this training was above anything I had expected or could have imagined. Not only did I physically benefit from this training, but I also benefited socially, emotionally and cognitively. All of the instructors were mindful in their approach and clear in their expertise. Gerhard is such a fantastic leader who is subtly, yet powerfully attuned to the needs of each student he has. I didn’t want it to end!
Admittedly, one of my favorite parts of the training was the community connection that was created in just a few short months. We grew together through this process and valued one another’s contribution to the learning experience so much. We’ve stayed in contact and are still sharing our Yoga journeys and planning gatherings! Aside from that, some of my other favorite aspects were being exposed to so many different facets of Yoga in just one program, the hands-on approach to learning that got us up, trying things and learning adjustments.

How does the Yoga certification tie in with what you’re doing outside of Yoga?
The Yoga certification absolutely compliments my profession. With over 14 years of professional dance and fitness experience combined with my newfound knowledge of the Mind/Body/Spirit science behind Yoga and Ayurveda, I am excited to continue creating a practice that enables anyone to discover their personal well-rounded well-being through resilient practices, including breathwork and movement. I recently created a two-week dance and movement program for the city of San Francisco, and as part of that program I included my first set of free Yoga classes! I plan to continue practicing teaching Yoga in North County, Encinitas for free.

What does Yoga mean to you or how does it enrich your life?
Yoga is proving to be a foundation in which I can build upon. There is limitless knowledge to pull from, yet all the space in the world to create from nothing. Yoga is a teaching I can look to for guidance in so many realms of my world. Yoga asana practice is a space where I can show up to internally balance myself, and connect with others working towards the same purpose. It’s something to be shared.
I walked away from this experience with a better understanding of what my body wants to feel balanced and how I can deliver that balance to my students. I walked away with tools and confidence to begin my own teaching journey. I walked away with strong connections and a sense of direction to steer my personal and professional practice.

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