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Corporate Yoga


Bring YOGA and wellness to your workplace!
Introduce ways for your company, employees and co-workers to better manage stress, feel healthier and stronger, and become more resilient and confident with increased tools to better balance your work and personal life.
Classes offerings include  Power Vinyasa, Gentle Hatha,  Therapeutic Restorative,  Healthy Back Yoga, Chair Yoga  -  as well as meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to calm and energize.
We can bring Yoga to your office, host corporate group sessions at our studio or at any other off-site location.


Benefits of Yoga 

  • Helps reduce stress & promotes inner calm
  • Enhanced mental clarity, focus and concentration
  • Develops strength, flexibility and coordination
  • Improves sleeping pattern and mood
  • Increases confidence and self esteem


Please contact us or call 858 456 2806 for pricing and more information.


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