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Teacher Feature: Jano Galindo ~ SENSES 2021

Jano Galindo teaches Vinyasa Yoga at Prana Yoga Center and throughout San Diego.  A dedicated and passionate Yogi, he has been teaching YOGA for 19 years. Inspired by the experiences of this last year, he created a new 1-day Yoga festival “SENSES” happening on July 18, 2021.

Q: How did you personally manage during the pandemic?

I managed through the pandemic with a lot of faith. I experienced fear of the unknown, and with so much uncertainty; managing my mental and emotional health was day by day, sometimes hour by hour. It was very challenging to remain grounded and steady as someone who sometimes people looked to for reassurance and grounding.

Q: How has the last year affected you as a teacher and also your personal practice?

I learned that we are all very connected more than we had ever known before. What I do has an effect on those all around. My actions now have to take into consideration those who are vulnerable and as a collective what is needed to protect one another. There were times as a teacher when I was very overwhelmed, and showing up to teach a class was very difficult. I would sometimes be very emotional, seeing what my kids were experiencing as they adapted to being online and being frustrated dealing with things that were out of their control.

My personal practice actually was more consistent, having to practice all the asanas as I taught was different for me. I did enjoy getting to move a lot more although it wasn’t the same as getting to go take a class.

Q: How long have you been teaching and why do you (still) teach yoga?

I’ve been teaching about 19 years now and I continue to teach because it is my calling, purpose and passion. I still get very excited to teach a class, and every time i show up to teach, I still get nervous.


SENSES: A Yogic Journey Within
July 18 – 2pm-7pm
1-day Yoga event hosted at Salt Drift Pointe in Imperial Beach, a local gem that nestles in the heart of San Diego Bay
Tickets on sale here https://www.janogalindo.com

The pandemic of 2020 rooted separation in our communities.
As we approach the peak of collective healing in ourselves, our families and our communities, together we will take a step forward. Our purpose is to look ahead.
Through the power of yoga, visual sound healing, and meditation, we invite you to create new beginnings as we honor and learn from the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).
Join the journey as we rediscover and adapt a new lens through the SENSES.
Reset your expectations and spark your greatest comeback.

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