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"The 200-Hour Teacher Training at Prana Yoga was well worth every minute of my time. Gerhard is an extremely knowledgeable and gifted teacher, and the trainers he brought in during the training are all experts at what they do. I feel as though the Prana teacher training strives to make yoga accessible to everyone - it is not exclusive to elite practitioners. Gerhard is clearly passionate and well versed in what he does, and he knows how to translate that passion into concise, relevant and inclusive instruction to equip others in spreading the good works of yoga." ~Kimberly Blough, PYTT graduate

“The Prana Teacher Training was an amazing, incredible, eye-opening journey! Initially, I thought it would be impossible to carve out the time in my schedule as a mom but as it turned out, it was completely doable and well worthwhile. The class had beautiful energy and the students quickly became a source of support and friendship. It was clear that the teachers and guest speakers were all passionate about what they taught. The experience helped me progress along the path of physical well-being, emotional balance and spiritual growth. I have so much respect and admiration for Gerhard and Ingrid, they are true yogis, dedicated, knowledgeable, patient and masters of the practice. I am forever grateful to have had this experience!" -Jen Snyder RYT200

"I moved to San Diego specifically for this training after hearing incredible feedback about Gerhard and his training. I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at Prana Yoga Center and since then, I have taken about 700 hours of YTT in various other studios. Every training after my 200-hour at Prana was disappointing because they lacked the depth and integrity that this training provided. I feel like I got more than my money's worth by taking my training here, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to train here. This experience has been so much more than I bargained for. What started out as a pursuit of asana knowledge quickly became an opportunity to bring my attention inward. I began this training with so many worries... My practice isn't strong enough, my meditation is not deep enough, I am not enough of a yogi. Through a wall of worries emerged a strong woman shaped by shared wisdom and beautiful new friendships. I am forever grateful to Prana Yoga Center for one of the best experiences of my life." Because of Prana's in-depth training, I am now a full time yoga teacher. Thank you!!"“ ~Bri D. RYT200

“The teacher training run by Prana Yoga Center was beyond my expectations. It completely changed the way I approach both my practice and my teaching, as it moved me so many steps deeper into the true practice of yoga than I'd ever experienced before. My teaching has improved ten-fold, as I now intimately understand correct alignment and how to weave philosophy and other themes throughout a class. There are so many yoga studios and instructors out there who skip alignment and only teach the shape of a pose. My training at Prana took me beyond the shape of a pose and into the actions that make the pose what it is and keep the body safe. I can't tell you how many of my students come up to me after class to thank me for clarifying these actions and allowing them to understand their yoga further. The integration of philosophy, pranayama, yoga history, and the all the other subtle aspects of yoga are very well worked into the training, and have given my practice and teaching a new, deeper dimension.” ~Anna Holden-Martz RYT500

"I have met some of the kindest souls and some of my best friends through this teacher training. The curriculum was well-organized and as a current yoga teacher, I feel well-equipped and amazingly confident in the knowledge of the body as well as the philosophy of yoga that I've received through both the 200-hr and 300-hr programs under the guidance of a humble yogi, Gerhard, who led us by example." ~Jeni Oh RYT500
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